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Benefits for club members
Additional funding source
Additional funding source
Growth of the involved audience at least twice
Growth of the involved audience at least twice
New premium services for the most devoted fans
New premium services for the most devoted fans
Increased interest in the media and social networks several times
Increased interest in the media and social networks several times
How does it work on real FC

The Belarusian club "Krumkachy" was the first to use this site. Significant results were achieved in terms of audience growth (four times increased), and the amount of funds raised covered 25 percent of the budget.

415 Season passes sold
2020: 63; +659%
699 Average match attendance
2020: 295; +237%
1.4 Merch per person
2020: 0.7;  +100%
How to get started?

Write to us at and we will promptly contact you

How much does it cost?

We provide technology and expertise for free. We take only a percentage of the result, because we know that our product will bring you at least x2 profit

How are all technologies and products connected?

You are joining our club. Our expert evaluates fan involvement in club activities and suggests which products and tools should be implemented. You sign an agreement, which specifies the terms for connecting the selected products, after which we fulfill the terms of the agreement within the stated period

What guarantees will the club receive?

We provide 24/7 technical support and constant access to fan engagement experts. Our team will be in touch 24/7. Your main guarantee is our maximum involvement and interest in your success

How the platform works?

The platform allows your fans take part in the life of the club. For a certain amount, they get certain privileges. It's up to you to decide the exact privileges will be. For example, a fan with 10 club token will be able to take decisions on selection the design of sports uniform, a fan with 100 tokens will be able to vote for a tactical scheme, a fan with 10,000 tokens will be able to participate in closed-door meetings for the club managers.

How tokens work?

After creating its own token, the club issues 10% of their total number for sale. The money received from the tokens goes to the club, in exchange for this, it gives certain privileges to their holders. As soon as there is a necessity to raise funds, the club can put it to a vote. If the majority of token holders vote in favor, another part of the total number of reserved tokens is issued for sale. Tokens can be bought and sold for cryptocurrency on the internal exchange of the platform, the cryptocurrency itself can be withdrawn to the crypto exchange for fiat.

Do we know how to do NFT?

Yes. We have released 5 NFTs for FC "Krumkachy" and distributed them to the fans of the club for free.

How does the marketplace work

The club's tokens are used by fans to participate in its life. They can be sold and bought for the platform's cryptocurrency (SPXC) on an internal exchange. By purchasing SPXC, you can exchange it for any other cryptocurrency on the popular exchange.

Why should you become our partner?

Using the platform, you will attract additional investments in the club and increase the number and loyalty of your fans, becoming something like a "People's Club".

How much can you earn?

It all depends on the number of your fans. We can be sure of one thing - following the example of Krumkachy, you will be able to sell twice as many season tickets, bring six times as many people to your stadiums and become a phenomenon.

When can we start?

As soon as you contact us. We are looking for new partners and are open to dialogue. You can contact us in any convenient way.

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